Research Agenda

Our research focuses on software and systems security. Despite efforts and improvements in bug discovery techniques, some exploitable vulnerabilities will remain. We target techniques that both enable developers to discover and remove bugs and make programs resilient against the exploitation of unknown or unpatched vulnerabilities.

To discover bugs we propose (i) sanitization techniques that enforce a security property such as memory or type safety; given concrete program input, our sanitizers then flag any property violations and (ii) fuzzing techniques that leverage static and dynamic analysis to create program inputs to explore program areas that are not yet covered through existing test cases. To protect against exploitable vulnerabilities, we focus on control-flow integrity using specific language semantics, enforcing type integrity, and protecting selective data. Under this premise, we focus on compiler-based, runtime-based, and language-based protection mechanisms and security policies that increase the resilience of applications against attacks (in the presence of software vulnerabilities). All prototypes are released as open-source.

Key Topics

software security, system security, sanitization, software testing, fuzzing mitigation, fault isolation, compartmentalization.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Meet the members of the HexHive

Mathias Payer
Assistant Professor

Daniele Antonioli
Post Doc, EPFL

Hui Peng
PhD Candidate, Purdue

Priyam Biswas
PhD Candidate, Purdue

Derrick McKee
PhD Student, Purdue

Prashast Srivastava
PhD Student, Purdue

Bader AlBassam
PhD Student, Purdue

Adrian Herrera
PhD Student, ANU

Atri Bhattacharyya
PhD Candidate, EPFL

Ahmad Hazimeh
PhD Candidate, EPFL

Uroš Tešić
PhD Student, EPFL

Nicolas Badoux
PhD Student, EPFL

Jelena Jankovic
PhD Student, EPFL

Zhiyuan Jiang
PhD Student, NUDT

Ergys Dona
PhD Student, EPFL

Jean-Michel Crepel
Research Scientist, EPFL

Antony Vennard
Research Scientist, EPFL

Andrés Sanchez
MSc Scholar, EPFL

Graduated PhD students:

Past visiting researchers, students, and post docs:

  • Anil Kurmus (visiting researcher, fall '19)
  • Nathan Burow (post doc, fall '18)
  • Alessandro Di Federico (visiting PhD student, fall '16)

A selection of undergraduate and graduate student projects

  • Matteo Rizzo (MSc thesis, fall '19)
  • Nicolas Badoux (MSc thesis, spring '19)
  • Sushant Dinesh (PhD student/MSc thesis, graduated spring '19)
  • Daniele Midi (PhD fall '16, advisor: Elisa Bertino)
  • Ammar Askar (undergraduate term project, spring '16)


B√Ętiment BC 160
Station 14
CH-1015 Lausanne
Office:BC 160 (Mathias)
Lab:BC 159

Directions: You can reach the BC building by metro m1 (stop "EPFL") or bus 701 (stop "Parc scientifique").
There is (very) limited parking next to BC. The HexHive offices are on the first floor of BC in the east.