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A ground-truth fuzzing benchmark suite based on real programs with real bugs.

Adding Bugs

To add a new bug to an existing library, create a patch and add it to targets/$LIBRARY/patches/bugs for the corresponding library.

To create a patch, you need to use the following flags:

An “oracle” is a call to the Magma function :

MAGMA_LOG(char * bug_identifier, bool trigger_condition)

If the trigger condition contains logical operators AND (&&) or OR (||), you should use MAGMA_AND(e1,e2) and MAGMA_OR(e1,e2).

This avoids the creation of new branches from short-compiler behavior by using bitwise operation.

Once you have implemented your bug with the correct trigger condition you can create a new patch file named bug_identifier.patch
Also your patch must not contain an empty line at the end otherwise your patch won’t be able to be applied. A simple way of avoiding this is to use

git diff>./PATH

Patches that implement a bug that is not triggerable can be moved to targets/$LIBRARY/patches/graveyard

Also, please provide the following information about the bug:

To prevent duplication of efforts, please also mention bugs which could not be implemented, and state why that was difficult or not possible (e.g. major code changes).


Be careful about the following things before making a pull request: